COVID-19 Plan and Information

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P.S. 376Q is changing the way we operate to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

We are doing everything we can to make sure staff, students, and families are safe.

Please check back regularly, as we will update the information here as conditions change.

The Department of Education also has important information and resources for you.

Key Contact

If you have any questions about the COVID-19 plan, please contact Mrs. Lei:



(929) 267-5900


210-21 48th Avenue, Bayside, NY 11364


  • Arrival time for students is 8:10 am.

  • Students and parents/guardians entering the school building will have to pass and present the health screening in order to enter the school building:

  • 3-K arrives through the small playground entrance on 211th St to Exit 9 metal door and walk up to the classrooms with parents or guardians between 8:10 am - 8:20 am.

  • Pre-K students will arrive using the main entrance on 48th Ave between 8:10 am - 8:20 am.

  • Kindergarten and their older siblings will arrive using the large playground on 47th ave between 7:50 am - 8:10 am.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students will arrive using the small playground on 211th street between 7:50 am - 8:10 am.​​

  • Late students arriving after 8:10 am must come in through the main entrance on 48th avenue. Students and parents/guardians must pass and present the daily health screening before entering the building. 


  • Dismissal time for students will start at 2:20 pm and all students must be picked up by 2:30 pm.

  • Parents/guardians who need to make same day dismissal changes must call the main office (929) 267-5900 x0. If someone other than the person(s) listed on the emergency contact information is coming to pick up your child, we must receive a written note or Dojo message with their full name as indicated on their identification card.

  • 3-K will be dismissed through their classroom. Parents or guardians will enter through the small playground on 211th St to Exit 9 metal door starting at 2:20 pm  

  • Pre-K will dismiss using the main entrance on 48th Ave at 2:20 pm.

  • Kindergarten will be dismissed through the small playground on 211th Street 2:25 pm - 2:30 pm 

  • 1st grade will be dismissed through the main entrance on 48th ave between 2:25 pm - 2:30 pm 

  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade will be dismissed through the large schoolyard on 47th Ave starting at 2:25 pm - 2:30 pm

  • Parents/guardians who are late to pick up must come in through the main entrance on 48th avenue.

Remote Learning 2021

Your child is expected to complete all assignments provided by the teacher. At the same time, we recognize that working independently at home is different and difficult for many students, so we want to provide flexibility. 

  • Students and families should check Google Classroom daily for important updates from their teachers. 

  • When signing in for virtual classes or meetings, students are expected to be on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to learn. We suggest signing in 5 minutes before class starts. Please try to reduce background noise and distractions as much as possible. 

  • Students are expected to sign in using their NYC student email address.

Meeting Special Needs

Medically Necessary Instruction: 

  • Every year, there are some students with medical conditions that necessitate interim educational services outside of the school building. These services are offered for school-aged children (from 3K to grade 12) in all five boroughs, and can include individual in-person instruction by a certified teacher, or individual and small group instruction by certified teachers through digital platforms.

  • Taking COVID-19 into consideration, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has determined that students who have one of the following conditions would be approved for medically necessary instruction:

    • Active Cancer

    • Chronic Renal Diseases

    • Sickle Cell

    • Gastro/Crohn’s Disease

    • Thalassemia

    • Leukemia

    • Metabolic Disorders

    • Heart Conditions

    • Muscular Dystrophy

    • Adrenal Disorder

    • Cystic Fibrosis

    • Liver Disease

    • Tumor

    • Congenital Lung Disease

    • Congenital Heart Condition

    • Lymphoma

    • Cerebral Ataxia

    • Seizures

    • Stroke

    • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Any family with a student who is immunocompromised due to a medical condition or treatment for a medical condition may apply for medically necessary instruction. Applications from families with any condition not listed will undergo review to determine eligibility. 

Special needs students: 

  • Students with special needs will receive services in school.

Your Responsibilities While in the Building

We have put safety procedures in place to keep our students and staff healthy. 

  • Handwashing: Students and staff are expected to wash hands thoroughly before and after eating, after using the bathroom, if exposed to bodily fluids (like saliva or a sneeze), and at other times necessary throughout the day.  

  • Visiting our schoolAll students, teachers, and families entering the school building will have to pass the health screening in order to enter the school building:

    • Green means you are allowed enter the building.

    • Red means you are not allowed to enter the building.

  • While in the building: When you enter the building, please check in at the front desk. During check-in, you will need to provide your proof of vaccination and identification card. 

  • Illness: Students and staff exhibiting signs of illness or having a fever of greater than 99.9°F must stay home. If you or someone you know has COVID-19 (or shows symptoms of COVID-19 such as coughing or fever), it is required that you review the Covid-19 Guidance Chart provided by the Department of Education. Please contact us via phone or email as soon as possible.

  • Directions for local COVID testing: Please visit the NYS Coronavirus Find a Test Site page to find a test site closest to you.

  • Covid-19 Testing in School: Every school will have ten percent of unvaccinated individuals who have submitted consent for testing in their school population tested weekly. This way, if there is a positive case, action can be taken right away to protect the school community. Students and staff who are fully vaccinated are not required to be tested. Please visit the Covid-19 Testing for Students page to submit a new COVID-19 testing consent form for the 2021-2022 school year.

Safety Precautions Taken By Our School

Our school has taken several steps to improve the safety of our staff and students. These steps have been recommended by local health authorities to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses. 

  • Improvements in ventilation: New HVAC filters will be put into our air circulation system and replaced every 3 months. Windows and doors will be open for additional air circulation. 

  • Increases in cleaning frequency: Our custodial team is committed to cleaning all classrooms on a daily basis. Custodians will sanitize school building on a nightly basis with an electrostatic sprayer that is CDC approved. Cleaning and disinfection will include all high touch surfaces: classrooms, desks & chairs, conference tables, drinking fountains, door handles and push plates, conference tables, light switches, restroom fixtures, partitions and hardware, buttons on hardware, buttons on vending machines, elevator buttons, gym padding, and physical therapy equipment.

  • Hand sanitation: All bathrooms have been stocked with extra soap for frequent hand washing. In addition, we have provided teachers with hand sanitizer for the classroom and added hand sanitizer stations in common areas. 

Technology: Getting a Device and Internet Access

We are committed to making sure that all students can successfully connect to online learning during their at-home learning days. 

  • If your student needs a laptop or tablet or need an internet enabled tablet, contact Mrs. Lei.

  • If you are having trouble connecting to Google Classroom, Zoom, or any of our online learning resources, contact Mrs. Lei for tech support.

Tips for Successful At-Home Learning

At-home learning will look different than a typical school day. The amount of time your child should be expected to engage in learning activities will vary by age and grade level. The expectations below are guidelines. If your child is not able to complete at-home learning assignments within the time periods recommended below, contact your child's teacher to discuss a modified assignment load. 

  • Make sure your child has a quiet place to work (ideally a desk or table) and the school supplies they need. Try to remove distractions like the television or other technology not needed for learning. 

Learn at Home Resources

Family and Community Resources

Free Meals for All

  • Three free meals will be available daily for ALL New Yorkers in more than 400 Meal Hubs across the 5 boroughs. To find a location near you visit or text "NYC FOOD" to 877-877.

Help for Families

  • We are providing free breakfast and lunch for all students during in-school days. Students and families needing additional food support may pick up free meals through the Meal Hub program (see link above). 

  • Our guidance counselor and school secretary are available to assist you. They can also connect your family with community resources to help you. 

    • Please contact Mrs. Bessie (Vicky) Tsoulos, our School Guidance Counselor, if your child is experiencing trauma and/or is in need mental health support. If your family has lost housing, is experiencing a crisis, or needs additional support during this time. 

Community Resources