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Parent Involvement

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Marvelous Monday
Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Monthly meetings are included 

on the school calendar.


Maryam Lamont

Keann Pender

Recording Secretary

Amanda Blazek


Jose Villavicencio

VPs of Communication

Jennifer Dankner

Hong Wei Xu

VPs of Hospitality

David Johnson

Claudia Colmone

Kemi Kuranga-Guzman

VPs of Fundraising

Carin Bail

Emily Rae-Chang

School Leadership Team (SLT)
Monthly meetings take place on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Any changes will be noted in the monthly happenings.


Rosa S. Choi

UFT Chapter Leader

Kathy Gardner


Lisa Gentile

Erin Kwon

Melita Simplice

PTA President

Keann Pender


Carin Bail

Kemi Kuranga-Guzman

Jennifer Weaver

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